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My Account

How is my account set up?

If you are a current customer with Replenex account already exists.  In the Contact Us page select “Activate My Account”.  Include your company name in the message section.  You will receive an activation email to finish setting up your account.

If you are new to Replenex you can click on the registration option on the sign in page or at checkout.

If you would like to upgrade your web account to a business account, please contact our customer service team to begin the process.

Can a username be edited?

You are unable to change your username.  Your account username is your email address.  If you are locked out of your account, please contact us and we will help you regain access.

If you have a business account with Replenex, the account administrator can modify the username of any sub users on the account. The account administrator’s username cannot be changed.  If an account administrator’s username must be changed, please contact the customer service team and they will assist you.

How do I edit ship-to information?

If you have a web account you can edit your ship to and bill to information on your My Account page or during checkout.

If you have a Replenex Business account you are unable to edit your ship-to information.  If there are any changes needed please contact us at [email protected].

How do I make a bill-to tax-exempt?

If you would like to make your account tax-exempt, please submit a valid tax exemption form to [email protected].

How do I make an item on my tax-exempt order taxable?

If your account is set to tax free you will have an option to add taxes to an item on a per item basis.  There is a tax me checkbox on every item in the shopping cart.

How do I get a tax credit on an order already placed?

To get a tax credit for an order that has been placed, please contact our accounts receivable department at [email protected].

How do I add a user to my account?

An account administrator or an account manager can add a user to the account.  On the manage user page, click on create user.  Enter point of contact information and permissions and click on create.  The new user will get an activation email.

What should I do if someone leaves the company?

If someone leaves, the account administrator should deactivate the user’s account.  A user can be deactivated by going to the manage users page under My Account and unchecking the Active checkbox. If the account administrator leaves, please contact our customer service department at [email protected] and a new account administrator will be assigned.

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How do I create a new list?

There are multiple ways to create a shopping list for your account:

  1. From the My Account page under the My Lists
  2. From the My Lists option under My Account in the banner
  3. Product page – click on Add to list (Heart shaped icon) and chose create new list or add to existing
  4. Shopping cart – Click on Save for later and name your list.  This will be saved in My Lists.
  5. Upload a list – Use the upload feature to upload a list of product numbers and quantities.

All lists require a name.  Lists can be private to you or public to everyone on your account.  You can choose to allow others to edit the list or only view the list.

How do I view my lists?

After logging into your account, click on my lists on the drop down list under My Account in the header of any page.  You can also access your lists from your account page.  Click on My Lists from the list on the left.

How do I edit a list?

There are multiple ways to edit a list:

  • To add products:
  1. From a product page, click on the Add to Lists (heart icon) button and choose a list to add the product to.
  2. From the list detail page, enter the product number or name and a quantity to the fields at the top of the page. Click on Add item.
  • To edit permissions:
  1. From the My Lists page, there are multiple icons on the right side of a list.
    1. Delete List (trashcan icon)
    2. Clone List (copy icon)
    3. Change type between public and private (2 person icon)
    4. Change permission between editable and not editable (pencil icon)
    5. Share list with specific users (link icon)
  2. From the list detail page click on the edit list button on the upper right side of the page.  Here you can change the name of the list, add or change the description, change the type between public and private and change permission between editable and not editable.

To remove an item from a list, go to the list detail page and click on the trashcan icon at on the right hand side of a product.

To add an item to cart, from the list detail page, you can add individual items by clicking on the red cart icon on the right side of a product.  Alternatively, you can click on the checkbox next to multiple products and click add selection to cart.

QR Codes

How do I generate a QR Code?

A QR code can be generated using the following steps:

  1. Create a list on the My List page named “Scanned List”.
  2. Add desired items to “Scanned List”
  3. From the My Lists page, click on the Generate QR Codes button.  The system will generate a PDF file of QR labels.  Each sheet of labels will have up to 14 labels, 7 rows of 2 columns.
  4. Once the labels are generated, clear out all the items on the “Scanned List” list.

How do I use the QR Codes?

The QR codes can be scanned by anyone with a QR reader.  Any products that are scanned will be deposited into the “Scanned List” list.  The “scanned item” list can then be added to cart.

For security reasons, QR codes will have to be regenerated when any login credentials are made to the customer admin account.

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Customer Part Numbers

What is a customer product code?

If a customer uses their own internal product codes for products, these codes can be imported to your account.  These customer specific part can then be searched using the Search My Product Code option on the header.

How is a customer product code created?

If you would like to have your product codes crossed referenced onto, there are two ways to create a customer product code cross reference:

  1. You can create a .csv file with the following format:

  1. You can submit a request for a product code file on the Contact Us page.  Someone will reach out to you for specific product information and part numbers.  You will then be sent a completed import file.

When you have your import file ready, go to the Customer Products page.  Click on the import file button.  Choose your completed import file and click on next.  When the import is complete, you will see a list of Replenex product numbers and your product code cross references.

How do I edit my product codes?

If you would like to change an existing product code, simply edit the My Product Code field on the My Product Codes page.  After editing the product code, click outside of the field and you will get a notification that your change has saved.  To add new products, see above.

*if you change the product code to an already existing product code, the webpage may error out.  If this happens, refresh the page and double check that the code you want to change your part to does not already exist.

How do I delete my unused product codes?

On the Customer Product page, click on the garbage can icon to remove a customer product code.

How can I search using my product codes?

You can search with your product code using the Search by My Product code option in the header.  Use your product code in the search and you will be sent to the product page.  Your product code will appear on items in the cart and order acknowledgements generated by the site.

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Shopping Carts

How do I create a shopping cart?

  • Add products to cart directly from the catalog, product page, or product category page.
  • Add products to cart from the quick order pad.  Enter part number or product name in the fields as well as their respective quantities, then hit search and add.  Products will go into the preview area on the right side of the screen.  Any order minimums or rounding will be applied in the preview.  Click on add to cart to add list to cart.
  • Order history – In the My Account page, go to previous orders, click on view details and from the detail page, click on add list to cart.
  • Lists – From the My Lists page, click on view details on a list.  On the detail page, you can add individual items to your cart by clicking on the cart icon on each line item.  Alternatively, you can check the checkboxes next to the items you wish to add.  After checking your items, click on add selection to cart.  If you add everything from the list to your cart, you will be asked if you want to clear the list.  Yes clears all items out of the list leaving you with an empty list.  No keeps the list as is.

How do I edit my shopping cart?

You can edit the quantity of an item by updating the order quantity field.  Change the number in the field and select update to update your cart.  To remove a single item, select remove from the item line.  To empty the cart, select the trash can button above the list.

How do I save my shopping cart for later?

You can select save for later to save a cart.  You can retrieve old carts from the My List page.

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How do I change my shipping or billing address?

If you have a web only account, you can change your shipping or billing address in the My Account section or during checkout.

If you have a Replenex account, please contact our customer service to change any ship-to or bill-to addresses.

How can I change my order once it has been submitted?

If you need to change your order after it is submitted, please contact our customer service team at [email protected].  We cannot guarantee that we will be able to modify an order after it has been placed.

How do I add a collect number to my order for shipping?

Select one of the collect shipping methods from the shipping method dropdown menu.  Then, select the collect option under “shipping charge type.”  This will reveal the field to add your collect account number to.

What other ways are there to order from Replenex?

You can call our customer support line at 952-941-9150 Mon-Fri 7AM-4PM CST.

Does accept international orders? does not currently accept orders from outside of the US.

Can I request a quote?
You can submit a quote to [email protected].

How do I know when an order’s been accepted?

You will either get an acknowledgement or an order confirmation depending on your method of ordering.

How can I change an order that’s been placed?

To modify an order already placed by calling our customer service desk.

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How can I return an item?

To return an item, it must be unopened and in its original packaging.  You can initiate a return by calling our customer support team.

There was an issue with my order, who do I contact?

If there is an issue with your order, please reach out to our customer service team and they will be able to assist.


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