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Core Values

All Replenex employees operate under a common set of core values that serve as the guiding principles of our organization.  These Core Values serve as our organizational 'moral compass' and have remained virtually unchanged since we were founded in 1946 under the name S&S Jobbing.  These values will endure for generations to come; these values are as much a part of our employees as their individual DNA.

Goes the Extra Mile

  • Does more than whats required to ensure achivement of a goal
  • Passionately pursues success
  • Makes the additional effort to do a particularly good job
  • Does not accept "good enough"

Values Relationships

  • Practices self-development
  • Shows respect for others and their ideas and beliefs
  • Places a high importance building and maintaining relationships with co-workers, customers and suppliers
  • Does not burn bridges

Does the Right Thing

  • Follows the rules
  • Does the ethical thing even when the consequence is difficult or unpleasant
  • Shows a sense of responsibility to do what ought to be done
  • Does not cut corners or give-in to temptation

Solves Problems

  • Identifies continuous improvement with suppliers, customers and internally
  • Utilizes only necessary resources to resolve problems
  • Presents all sides to problems and suggests at least one possible solution
  • Does not complain about a problem without offering at least one possible solution

Shows a Passion for What We Do

  • Is mentally and emotionally satisfied by doing the work we do
  • Is enthusiastic about the products and services we can deliver to our customers
  • Is curious to learn about better ways to do what we do
  • Does not show indifference toward our products or services